Adding from Apple Photos

You can add photos and videos from Apple Photos on your Mac OS X computer. If you use iCloud the photos and videos you take on your iPhone and iPad will automatically sync to Apple Photos on your computer, making Apple Photos one of the easiest ways to add the photos and videos you take on your iPhone to your Heirloom Video Book.

This tutorial is designed to take place entirely on your Mac computer, and will allow you to add any photos and video you have taken on any iOS device which appears in your Apple Photos account.

Select your photos and videos within Apple Photos

Open Apple Photos by clicking its icon in your Dock:

Click each photo or video to select it. Hold Cmd while clicking to select more than one, Shift to select all the files between two you click, or drag the selection box to select a group.

Export the photos / videos from Apple Photos

Select the File menu > Export to begin an export of these files.

Configure the export

You do not need to change any of the options. If you would like to make the files somewhat smaller, you may select "480p" next to "Movie Quality", but it is not necessary and will not change the quality of your video books.

When you're ready, click "Export".

Select any directory

You will place these files somewhere on your computer. Where you choose doesn't matter, as long as you can find the location again. Your Desktop is a great choice.

After selecting the location, click "Export" again.

It may take a few moments for Apple Photos to export your files. You will get a notification when the export is complete.

Send the files to Heirloom

Now that you have the files exported, you may add them to your video book. Switch to your web browser, navigated to the Heirloom Video Book Builder. Within the Heirloom Video Book Builder click to add photos / videos from "My Computer".

Select the files you just exported, again holding Cmd or Shift if you need to select multiple files.

Click "Open" and your files will be uploaded to Heirloom!

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