How To Add Background Music

You don't have to be John Williams to know that music is a key component of a tear jerking video book! Read on to learn how to add music which will play behind the videos and photos on your video book.

Adding From Our Collection

Start from the Media page of the Video Book Builder. Click the Background Music section to expand it:

Preview songs by clicking the play button next to them:

When you find a song you like, click the plus next to it:

The music you've added to your book appears on the right. In this case I've added two songs to my book:

Feel free to add the same song multiple times, if you'd like it to play again. Drag the songs you've added to reorder them. Click Watch Preview to watch your book with the music.

If you wish to remove one of the songs you added, just click the "-" button on the right of that song.

Adding Your Own Files

Our collection may not contain the special song you are hoping to add to your book. If you have the song as a .mp3 file, just drag-and-drop it onto the page. It will appear in your list of songs and will play behind your book.

Adding a song from YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify is a bit more challenging. These services do not let you download a file we can play on your book. Search online for a tool which can download audio from a YouTube video, and use it to get a .mp3 of your song.

Adjusting Volume

Our system will automatically lower the background music volume a bit when your videos have their own sound. You can also, however, manually adjust the volume of your clips and the background music behind them. You can use this to mute the background music during your videos, or to mute your videos, as you see fit.

Click the sliders icon at the bottom left corner of one of your video clips:

Then slide the Background Music or Video Volumes up or down, to suit your tastes:

Repeat this for any other video clips you'd like to adjust.

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