Importing Addresses from a File

If you are ordering more than a few video books, the process of adding each address can become time-consuming. To solve this problem, our website allows you to import the addresses (and other details) of your recipients from a spreadsheet.

File Format

The file should have a single line for each destination address you wish a book sent to, and you should make one file for each set of videos and photos you have. For example, if you'd like to send three different videos to 200 addresses each, you would make three files, each with 200 lines. Each address may receive a different cover, gift message, etc. but every entry in a file MUST be for the same set of photos and videos. If you would like to send a different photo/video set to each recipient, contact us for other options.

Once you are done with your spreadsheet, export it as a CSV.

Here is an example file (in Excel and CSV format) which shows what fields may be filled out:





Please provide the shipping address this book should be sent to. Fields like Address Line 2 and Company are optional. Please use the two letter abbreviation for the State and Country. If Country is not provided, it is assumed to be the US. Phone is also optional, and is only used by the shipping company to contact the recipient if necessary.


You may specify a quantity to be sent to this address. If not provided, a single book will be sent.

Shipping Speed

This field may specify the shipping speed you wish this book sent with. If you don't specify it here, you will have a chance to review all the price options on the website. Leave blank for standard shipping or to choose later. You may specify Express for our standard $15 two-day service, or specify a specific shipping speed like ups_next_day_air for that service to be selected for you.

Gift Message

You may provide a gift message which will be printed on a label and stuck to the inside of the cover.

Cover ID

If you decide you would like a different cover for each book, you may specify it here. Start by designing each cover at (you may visit it multiple times to design multiple covers). 

After you click save, the URL will update with the Cover ID:

Copy only the portion after '/cover/', that is your Cover ID.

There is no need to specify the Cover ID in your file if all of your books will have the same cover.

Uploading Your File

Begin by designing a new book on our site. Visit and click "I have my photos and videos ready". Select the cover and upload the videos and photos you would like for your first set of books. When you get to the address step, STOP, and instead click the Review step:

Lower on the Review step, you can select you'd like to Import addresses from a file. This option only appears on Desktop computers, not mobile devices:

Select your CSV file from your computer. If it appears to have loaded properly, select that you'd like to Choose columns:

Match each column in your file to a field in our system, by dragging-and-dropping them. You may leave any column which does not have an asterisk unmatched, you likely won't have a column for every optional field.

Finally click Import. Our system will create the entries for the addresses in your list. For large lists, this process may take several minutes.

As always, please contact us with any questions or comments, we are here to help you with your order!

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