How Do I Send an E-Gift With My Video Book Credits?

If you have purchased a video book on our website or through a retailer like Etsy or Good Morning America, you can pass the ability to customize your book to someone else. Your recipient will receive an email which contains a link to our video book builder. Whenever they're ready (no the credits don't expire), they will be able to build their book and we will ship it to them! It's the perfect way to gift a video book.

To get started, head over to our website. You will have a link in your email which automagically logs you in, but if you can't find it, just head over to and login with the email you used to place your order (important!).

Next select that you'd like to send a gift:

And that what you'd like to send is an e-gift:

The next steps will collect the recipient's email address, and allow you to write a custom message to them. Once you finish up on the last step, we will send an email to the recipient which provides instructions and your custom message!

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