How Do I Send a Blank Book?

Do you want to send a video book with no video loaded onto it? Maybe as a gift or to load yourself later? Then this page is for you!

Do you really want a blank

Before we start, let's confirm you really want to send a blank book. If your goal is to send your book as a gift, consider sending one of our e-gifts instead. We will email the recipient a code which lets them build their book on our site at their convenience. They won't have to worry about loading it, we'll do it for them! They'll also get to choose the cover themselves.

If your goal is to load your book later, be sure you know what loading a book yourself entails. We have a nice website which walks you through the process, but you do need to be able to place a file in a specific place on a USB thumbdrive-type-thing. It is alsoa bit more involved than most people realize because we recommend using our software to combine any videos and photos you have together, and to shrink them to fit onto the video book. A video file you have will probably not work without conversion on our site, which is about as easy/hard as just having us load the book for you (so do consider that option). You can take our process for loading the book yourself for a test-drive at

How to order a blank book

Now that we've decided you would like a blank book, let's talk about how to make it happen!

Head over to our website. If you've already paid for your book, you will have a link in your email which automagically logs you in, but if you can't find it, just head over to and login with the email you used to place your order (important!).

Next click this big button:

Select that you'd like a blank book:

Next you'll go through our customization process, choosing the book's cover, entering your shipping address, optionally adding a message to the inside cover, and finally choosing your shipping speed. Once you finish up on the Checkout step, your book will be shipped to you or your recipient!

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