How Do I Receive The Book I Ordered?

If you ordered a book on our homepage or through one of our partners like Good Morning America or Etsy, this page is for you!

First off, why haven't we shipped you your book yet? Simple, we don't know what to load onto it! We like to ship our video books with their videos already loaded if at all possible. It makes it easier than you having to go through the process of learning how to transfer a file onto the book yourself. Until we hear from you what (if anything) you want loaded onto your book(s), we can't ship them out!

There is one big decision for your to make: Do you want us to load the book and ship it out? Or do you want to send a blank book, not loaded with anything (maybe as a gift or to load later)? Or (last option, I promise) do you want to gift this video book credit you have to a friend or family member for them to use at their convenience?

So, just to reiterate: Do you want the book with a video/photos loaded on it, want the book blank, or want someone else to decide when to get the book?

Once you've decided, head over to our website. You will have a link in your email which automagically logs you in, but if you can't find it, just head over to and login with the email you used to place your order (important!).

If you've decided you want us to load the videos/photos for you (recommended), click this big button:

If you've decided you want a blank book or to send your book credit(s) to someone else, click this big button:

And that's it! Just follow the steps to either load your videos and photos, or to tell us where to send your blank book or credits. Once you have submitted things on the final Checkout step, we will get your books or credits on the way!

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