How To Charge Your Video Book

Our books are generally shipped fully-charged, with enough power for at least an hour of playback. That said, occasionally during shipment a book depletes some of it's charge, and many of our customers love to watch their book so many times that it requires more power.

To charge your book:

1. Locate the Included Cable

A small cable was included with your book, either underneath the cardboard of the box insert, or in a small rectangle along one edge of your gift box.

2. Connect the Cable

One side of the cable will plug into a small port in the edge of your book. The other end plugs into either your computer, or any USB power adapter like for a phone or other device.

3. Wait and Enjoy!

It can take 30-60 minutes for your book to be fully charged. Unplug it whenever you're ready, and enjoy!

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